Who is interested?

Who’s ready to think about fall? CHRISTMAS..
How about we prepare for both…..at one time.
Your CHOICE of painting porch board with pumpkin and Christmas tree OR
a fall scarecrow and a snowman.
These are the most popular selections for decor, and make awesome gifts.
Scarecrow/snowman 4 foot 55.00
Porch board 4.5 feet with 2 attachments 55.00
You can also paint a door hanger to match….
September 3rd and Sept 4th
You can Start painting Between the hours of 11 and 4. And we end at 8pm.
Must rsvp and pay in advance.
The Back of the Shack 728 E College St Dickson.
We accept paypal and venmo, or stop by the shop.
Examples below. Can be stained or painted .
All material included.

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