New Items

New for spring, but something that can be used through out the year. Our new Interchangable Welcome sign comes with 6 attachments or can be purchased alone, or with a single Attachment. Also regular or distressed is available.
Welcome board alone $35.00
Welcome with 6 attachments $58.00
Welcome with 1 attachment $40.00
Each additional attachment is $5.00
Allow 7 to 10 days for completion of order.

6 thoughts on “New Items”

  1. I would like to order the welcome board alone but could I get it in black with white letters.

      1. Sheri, are you still interested in the board?
        Ron from Painted Grace.

  2. Yes I am sorry took so long to respond. I live in mcewen but work in dickson so I am in dickson pretty much every day .

    1. Hi Sheri, Donna replied to your comments. I’m concerned because I do not see it here. Please let me know if you got it our not. Thsnks

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